Grandma's Magic Pillows
Magic Pillows
Grandma's Magic Pillows
Grandma's Magic Pillows
Grandma's Magic Pillows
Grandma's Magic Pillows
Grandma's Magic Pillows
Karen Carlson

You could say that I’m an expert on kids.

From the time that I was a child myself, I’ve been surrounded by children. As my mother’s helper with four younger brothers, I learned how to care for home and family. I made extra money as a teenager by babysitting a lot, and as an adult, I raised three sons.

These days, I’ve been blessed with eight grandchildren, and cherish every moment with them. Like so many of us today, my grandkids have, from time-to-time, struggled with overstimulation, meltdowns and finding a balance with technology. Considering that there’s always something in this screen-filled digital world competing for their attention, it’s no surprise that more and more kids (and adults too) grapple with this, is it?

Grandma's Magic Pillow

I sewed my first eye pillows myself.

As a relaxation expert of 20 years, I began by making relaxation eye pillows available to my massage therapy clients. Sewing is one of my hobbies and fabric is one of my vices.

When I decided one day, completely spontaneously, to make eye pillows for my three grandsons, I selected a soft flannel fabric in fun patterns that the kids would love and then lightly weighted each pillow with rice. I wanted to help my grandsons take a pause from their busy playtimes. Each time, I would set a timer on my phone and they’d take a two-minute break, resting on the floor with a pillow over their eyes and begin to get comfortable with quiet and calm. Every time they used the pillows, they fidgeted less, until they started ASKING to use their pillows to have a little time for themselves!

How does it work, you ask?

Each pillow easily conforms to the eyes, applying gentle pressure to relieve tension and calm active muscles. Blocking out all of life’s visual distractions for a few minutes gives kids (and adults) the chance to process and let go of whatever stressors and anxiety they may be experiencing. We often don’t realize the frustrations and anxiety children are coping with today.

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Grandma's Magic Pillows
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My grandkids enthusiastically introduced grandma’s “magic pillows” to their friends.

When their friends became fans of the eye pillow too, I knew that Grandma’s Magic Pillows could help kids and adults alike find a little peace and calm in their busy, busy days.

I have also been invited into classrooms, schools, and day care settings to share the story and allow the children to experience the ‘magic’ themselves.

I invite you to try one of Grandma’s Magic Pillows, whether for yourself or a loved one, and see how it can help you live a little happier and a little healthier, one day at a time.

My wish is always for you to Be Well,